Why does my dog need treating?

The greatest force working on the body is gravity. In the case of a quadruped, this force is constantly pulling down on the abdomen and spine. Dogs will engage in boisterous play, have accidents (running into other dogs, into trees, falling into rivers etc) and are often highly trained in particular areas which require repetitive movements (agility, flyball, even just playing fetch). Dogs will attempt to compensate for any pain by changing their posture and way they walk. These can cause abnormal or restricted movements to occur in the spine which creates an altered motion. If left untreated, this can lead to stiffness and can cause additional stress in other muscles and joints which ultimately leads to a decrease in performance.

Chiropractic helps maintain optimal joint mobility, muscular tone, and neurological function to enable maximum performance. Maintenance chiropractic treatments minimise your dog’s risk of wear-out or injury and maintains health.

Signs my dog is in discomfort:

Abnormal posture
Unexplained deterioration in performance
‘Puppy’ sitting
Reluctance to being touched or groomed
Changes in behaviour
Lying on one side only
Uneven muscle tone
Abnormal or irregular gait (walking pattern)
Reluctance to move, climb stairs or jump
Tail carried to one side